My name is Vivek Nautiyal. I was born and rasied in Rishikesh India, the birthplace of yoga. I was surrounded by yogis growing up but I had no idea I would one day embrace yoga as a lifestyle and calling. 


I went to college to study hotel management but the Universe brought me to a yoga training center in Rishikesh when my life was full of uncertainty. I started the program just for fun as the center was run by a relative, but it wasn't too long when I realized yoga had everything I was longing for in my life. I enjoyed the dedication of self practice and the connections I was making with the outside world and people through yoga. 


Yoga brought the world to me as I get to meet yoga practioners from all around the world. I started to carve out my own yogic path with focus on the strengthening and balancing properties of Hatha tradtion while infusing in my own personal traits of lightness and humor. 

Today, I am grateful to call Bay Area as my home and continues to share the benefits of yoga with all my students from the bottom of my heart. I have become part of an amazing organization called Jeena that supports children of special needs. I also teach regulary in studios in the SF financal district, Millbrae and East Bay. 


For me, yoga is not just about doing Asanas but it is a commitment to a lifestyle of balance and contentment, it is not just a workout to get fit but the main idea is to find yourself comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I have seen this transformation of contentment in all my students whether they are a small child who can't find words to express their feelings or a young women struggling with self-identity or a senior who experiences bodily challenges. 


Yoga teaches all of us, no matter the age, physical or mental state, that life is an endless discovery of the self. 


The alone time we find with our body on the mat are precious moments to nurture our soul and spirit. Every time we step on the mat is a chance to new self-discovery which will help you understand life as everything comes from awareness and knowledge.

Santosha  - Be In Love with Life

My name is Sheri Nautiyal . 

Yoga has been an incredible transformative journey of self-discovery and healing process which has allowed me to experience life with an open heart.


Through yoga practice and teaching, I believe love with an open heart is the soul purpose of our human experience.

We are honored to be a part of your yogic journey and

hope to share Yoga as a medium of expression of Love.


Love of self, love of nature, love of others.