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Sheri Tang



Hi, my name is Sheri. I have been a resident of our beautiful city of Brentwood since 2013.

I am a mother of two, an attorney, yoga- teacher, and avid pickleball player.

I moved to the USA when I was 14 from China. I went to USC in LA for my undergraduate degree in International Relations and Media Ethics. I received my JD from Southwestern and a MBA from U of San Diego.

I have lived abroad in Japan, Spain, Germany and have travelled all around the world from India to Argentina. I am so grateful to settle down in Brentwood and call this my home for the last 8 years.  

I am running for City Council in 2022 so I can be a part of the amazing history of our growing city.

Here are few things that I would like to achieve as your councilwoman: 

  • Agr-tech/Food-tech incubator 

  • Circular Composting Program connecting our household and restaurant food waste with our farm 

  • Elementary and Middle School Summer Camps on the Farm

  • School Bus program 

  • Permanent Pickleball Courts

  • Bart Extension 

  • Tiny Home Project 



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